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Introduction to Finance

This free course will provide basic knowledge of finance, targeting specific questions like what finance is and why you should study it.

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Introduction to Derivatives

This free course will introduce basic knowledge of the world of financial derivatives, their various types and explore why they exist.

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Derivatives and Trading

This 160 hours course provides in-depth understanding of global derivative markets, introduces you to economic policies with hands-on experience in live markets.

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World of Derivatives

This weekend course introduces global derivatives, economics and basic trading principles. This is a shorter version of our monthly course and is most apt for working professionals.

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About Us

Futures First has been a leader of the global derivatives industry for over a decade now. Brewing a heavily performance-driven culture, Futures First has created a robust network of home-grown achievers who graduating from the "Training Rooms" of Futures First have made a mark for themselves across continents, corporates and cultures.

Futures First Academy is associated with Futures First and offers bespoke courses on Global Finance, meticulously designed by experienced industry professionals. These courses offer a healthy combination of mastering the ART via theoretical learning and SCIENCE via practical training in live international markets. The courses encompass subjects like Economics, Derivatives, Technical Analysis, Fundamental Analysis, Market behaviors and so on via class-room training, group discussions, soft skills training, assignments, review sessions etc.

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