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World of Derivatives

  2 Days   5 Modules

About the Course

A monetary policy or politically sensitive decision by a remote yet important country could affect your daily life. Such market influence is the result of spillover effects and derivative markets are at the core of such effects; making them possible, smoothing them and sometimes worsening them. In this course, you will: -

1. Learn about various derivative markets and asset classes,

2. Comprehend basics mathematics behind pricing of important derivatives,

3. Construct and assess various Excel models,

4. Study economic principles behind economic functions and variables, and

5. Gain understanding of basic tenets of technical analysis.

Take up this course if you can't enroll for our monthly course.

Salient Features

What will you learn?

Derivatives, Economics, Trading

Number of modules 

5 Engaging Modules

Estimated time

Saturday & Sunday

Course fee

Rs. 7,999 + GST